Will Social Media Be the Death of Me?

April 13, 2011

I’m sitting in Agent Reboot in Dallas. Awesome stuff….too awesome. I am the type of person that will want to do it all. So I come to these great events motivated and excited, but usually leave overwhelmed and blurry eyed. Not this time, I’m going to take only three things and focus on getting them down perfectly! Second, I will hire a pro social media guru! My question is when is enough enough……we have all these gadgets and mobile devices that tend to overwhelm our daily schedule.

“The Kinsey Group – Genesis” by Brenda Kinsey

February 4, 2010

Hmmm….I wasn’t very good at writing in high school or college and 20 years later I am not much better! The truth be known….I would rather be outside in 10 degrees showing homes to a client than sitting in my home office working on this blog. Having said that….if we are going to succeed we have to step it up and doing a few things that make us feel uncomfortable. I would still rather freeze in a vacant foreclosure.
Recently, my husband and I began building a real estate team to help grow our real estate business. January 1, 2010 was the official launch of “The Kinsey Group”. Gary Keller makes it a point to say regularly to hire talent and that your first and most important hire will be your assistant; so, that is where we started. I placed a Craig List Ad and received over 65 resumes in one day! I called the best three and actually hired Heather, my first interview before I even talked to the other two. It didn’t take me long to know that she was the right one for the job; organized, relaxed, disciplined and most importantly, willing to put up with my lack of all of the above. First hire – done! It didn’t take her long to get us organized and get the systems in place, while I was able to continue with everyday business. Wow…what a relief….stay tuned for the 2nd hire.