“Living in Gunter” By Melanie

June 29, 2010

My family and I relocated to Texas about 2 ½ years ago and deciding to live in Gunter, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our criteria were that we had to find a house within an hour’s commute to my husbands workplace, a good high school, and we wanted and acre of land. We got that and so much more. We were lucky enough to find a small friendly town that has an exemplary school district, great access to Frisco, McKinney, Sherman and also less than an hour from Dallas Fort Worth international airport. Gunter has retained that rural feel whilst still being relatively close to the bigger cities.
When I first moved here, the drive to the grocery store, or the mall – let’s face it just about anywhere, did seem like a long way, but as time has gone on, the drive seems shorter. When I arrive in Frisco or Plano, the traffic irritates me and I can’t wait to get back on Highway 289 and see the wide stretch of open road with green fields, sweet little calves, and some wonderful views as you approach Celina. By the time I arrive home, I am relaxed and de-stressed from driving to the big city!!

The people of Gunter are so friendly and welcoming. My girls were both looked after by the staff and students of Gunter High school and welcomed with open arms. All the kids know each other and look out for each other. Most of them have been through their whole school lives together but they have treated our girls as if they have lived here forever. We were astounded on our first tour of the school to find no locks on the lockers – that feeling of trust and looking out for one another is very evident. I love football season, where Friday nights at the high school is the place to be. The atmosphere gives you that warm fuzzy feeling… As you get to the school you can see the smoke arising from the grill, cars looking for a parking spot and groups of people walking towards the bright lights of the football field with their blankets.
Even the Gunter Police are very welcoming. You can often see them just as you arrive in Gunter as they welcome you into Gunter or wave goodbye as you are leaving.
Would I trade the wide open space and friendly town of Gunter for the conveniences of living in a larger city with its heavy traffic and countless stoplights? – Never.

Going it alone…No Way! Three Things a New Agent Must Have.

February 25, 2010

From the time my Broker received my license to the time I was writing an offer was less than 4 days. Let’s be realistic, how much knowledge can you gain in 4 days? Not much.

The three best decisions made very early in my career (actually before I even passed the test) were:

1. Buy a GPS! You laugh but how scary can it be to see a driver fighting a large map while driving down the Tollway. My GPS became my very best friend.

2. Joined a Team. Why start out in this very competitive and forever changing career without support. I was able to focus on learning the business and didn’t have to worry about where to find leads. It allowed me a quick start (closed my first transaction a month after getting my license) and have readily available help when needed.

3. Decided that hiring a Licensed Transaction Coordinator would be the best $200-300 fee I could spend. Let’s face it, most sales people are NOT good paper chasers. The cost of a mistake could be HUGE. A Licensed Transaction Coordinator can do the following:

· Review of Contract & Addenda for completion and accuracy.

· Send Contract and Earnest Money to Title Company

· Update Status in MLS, CSS and Websites

· Coordinate HOA documents

· Write some Amendments

· Follow up on ordering and receiving appraisal

· Coordinate closing times and communicate to all parties

· Provide client with closing instructions and provide map to title company

· Schedule walk thru

· Make transfer arrangements

· Review and distribute HUD

Most importantly, a Transaction Coordinator is an extra set of hands and eyes to make sure the contract to close process runs smoothly. My clients have been very pleased with the level of service our coordinator provides.

Bottom line: Don’t Try To Do It Alone….use the assistance of others (and things).

“The Kinsey Group – Genesis” by Brenda Kinsey

February 4, 2010

Hmmm….I wasn’t very good at writing in high school or college and 20 years later I am not much better! The truth be known….I would rather be outside in 10 degrees showing homes to a client than sitting in my home office working on this blog. Having said that….if we are going to succeed we have to step it up and doing a few things that make us feel uncomfortable. I would still rather freeze in a vacant foreclosure.
Recently, my husband and I began building a real estate team to help grow our real estate business. January 1, 2010 was the official launch of “The Kinsey Group”. Gary Keller makes it a point to say regularly to hire talent and that your first and most important hire will be your assistant; so, that is where we started. I placed a Craig List Ad and received over 65 resumes in one day! I called the best three and actually hired Heather, my first interview before I even talked to the other two. It didn’t take me long to know that she was the right one for the job; organized, relaxed, disciplined and most importantly, willing to put up with my lack of all of the above. First hire – done! It didn’t take her long to get us organized and get the systems in place, while I was able to continue with everyday business. Wow…what a relief….stay tuned for the 2nd hire.