Let’s Go Visit Savannah…..Texas

If you have a TV, and it happens to be on during the weekend; the chance, that you have watched Hot On Homes, is about as high as some of the Folks that attended the Jimmy Buffet Concert that came through Frisco, Tx a few days ago. OK, Let’s go one further, If you have ever watched Hot On Homes then I know that you have seen the Savannah community. In the last 12 episodes of Hot on Homes, Savannah and its homes have featured 46 times, It’s crazy! But amidst the craziness of work, traffic, and stress; Savannah is Magic!
It was a Bumpy Segue, but work with me. So we headed east on 380, this would have been about 6 years ago when we were first looking for a home, and I’m looking at a lot of corn fields, while keeping an eye out for the “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign or anything else that would resemble civilization. And then we see the Palm trees on the horizon, It was almost like coming up to an oasis. These huge trees growing the closer we get to this place.
The first thing you see, once you arrive at the main entrance, after the palm trees, is the Ginormous Clubhouse.
It is this spectacular 20,000 Sq.Ft. Building that has this cabana-plantation kind of vibe going on. They even had this Wilford Brimley type gentleman who stood at the front door to open it for you and welcome you to Savannah. What’s that you say? Who is Wilford Brimley? He is the old dude from the Quacker Oats Commercial and from Liberty Mutual that did all those Diabetes commercials. You got the picture in your head now? Excellent!! Moving on then. Inside of the clubhouse you will find a great open area for hosting all types of events and small parties that would have your guests peering out of the west wall which is comprised completely of glass doors. Down the hall you will find a unbelievable kitchen for giving cooking classes, and whatnot, and a little farther you hit the sauna, jacuzzi, and first floor of the gym. Upstairs on the second floor is where they keep all the treadmills and elliptical machine to get your cardio on!! The walk up the stairs to view the machines is enough for me. The Third Floor is a wonderful space where dance classes are given to young and old. Just opposite of the club house were these 9 really great looking model homes, that showcased the best of what the three builders had to offer.

Now, six years ago we didn’t have kids, life was grand! There was no automatic alarm clock that would wake you up at 5:30am just because they were thirsty, or the inadvertent memorization of “The Little Mermaid” due to the 500+ viewings. We wanted fun and adventure and This place had it going on. Great gym, Covered Basketball court, Tennis Courts, Greenbelts and walking trails, and that was just the features from the community. When it came to activities, we could enjoy Vegas Night, Superbowl Watching Parties, Outdoor festivals, and Cook-outs. We were sold! We bought our home and became one of the first 25 families in Savannah, Tx.
OK, Let’s flash forward to present day, two kids, 15 more pounds, and a shift in the market later, and Savannah has grown just as much as we have. The drive to get groceries doesn’t feel like the monthly journey it once was. Big Thanks to the Walmart that is now a wonderful 4 miles away. In fact, everything is a lot closer than it used to be, yea progress!!!
When it comes to activities, there is just as much to do now as there was then, but we experience Savannah in a whole new way because of our kids. The water park is absolutely amazing! With it’s beach entrance and plenty of space for the little ones to pretend Dad is a ride able Shamoo, and those times when the kids are visiting Nana and Grandpa. We can still enjoy Savannah’s Adult only swimming area for 18 and older. The Room that is for Dad to watch the Superbowl on three projection screens pulls double duty as the meeting place for story time for my wife and daughter. The streets are clean and safe, and while I may not know my neighbor, i know that my neighborhood is friendly and filled with great people.

If you have more questions, please,PLEASE, find out from the people that deal with it daily, The Kinsey Group at 469-248-7653. You are also more than welcome to email your questions to TheRook@thekinseygroup.net.

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