Remember What You should Never Forget.

To my Brothers and Sisters stationed here, stationed there,
in our chosen colors, across land, sea, and air.
I wanted to give thanks, give praise, and honor to you,
our Defenders of Freedom, the Strong, Brave, and few.
I remember you this day with a somewhat stinging Pride,
I remember those who continue the fight, and I mourn for those who died.

Always wanting to hear your stories, something more about your lives,
But I fear true courage and sacrifice seem dull amidst “Idols”, “Losers”, and “Housewives”.
Well, I shall not forget you, brothers, I keep you close to my heart
With echoes of cadence to motivate me, and “Taps” that tears me apart.
As I type this in my office, my wife and children lay fast asleep
Safe and Sound all thanks to you and that post you keep.
I sit in silence and shed my tears in awe of your dedication
Wishing you could join us in the family celebration.
I miss you, I salute you, I thank you
Spc. Esparza US ARMY 91’-95’

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