How Homestaging Can Help You Sell Your Home

Is Home Staging worth the Money and Effort?
Yes! Several studies conducted by the country’s stop national brokerage offices have found that home staging can cut the time a home is on the market by 50% and often bring multiple offers ending up with a sale price above market averages.
Last week The Kinsey Group had the opportunity to tour a beautiful 2.8 million estate in beautiful Dallas, Texas. The home is not occupied and end result was incredible. Staging vacant homes allow potential buyers the opportunity to see the functionality of the home. We find that most buyers, when they are searching for a new home have difficulty seeing the potential of a vacant property. However, home staging isn’t just for vacant homes. Most homes, in all price ranges, on the market could benefit from some form of home staging. Home stagers offer different levels of services. For about $100.00 a home stager will walk through your house and offer advice on how to best show it. You may be told to remove clutter, hang mirrors in strategic places, repaint and clean carpets. Or, for a higher fee, a stager can perform a more hands on role, such as repositioning furniture and arranging flowers. For those willing to pay in the thousands there are stagers with warehouses full of furniture and décor items with which they can redecorate your house.
As most agents point out, the first impression is the key reason in selling your home. Typically, a potential buyer has made up their mind in ten seconds after they step in the front door. That really doesn’t leave too much room for mistakes.
In Dallas, there are many home stagers to choose from, but we would highly recommend Elam~Kelley Stagers as a place to start. Their extensive experience and variety of services will leave you with little doubt that they are good at what they do! Listen to our latest Podcast below and hear for yourself just how they lend their expertise to make your home shine! For more information head over to our Facebook Fanpage
Listen Now! How Homestaging Can Help You Sell Your Home.mp3

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